DIY Board game 2020

In the framework of the Lifelong Learning Weeks 2020, we conducted a virtual workshop on the DIY board game via the Facebook profiles of the Sferikon Association and the partner Zavod Odprte karte (due to measures to contain the epidemic, we did not conduct it in person). We took the well-known game Snakes and Ladders as a basis and to add more challenge to it, we invited the followers to suggest 5 rules on 5 topics that we deal with in both organizations: waste, animals in traffic, cultural heritage, greenery and a healthy home. By recycling cardboard, corrugated cardboard, collage paper and paints, colorful products that stimulate creativity and imagination can be created.

5 suggestions for additional rules:

-waste: waste has fallen into the river and is endangering fish. You have 3 attempts to throw 6, if you fail, wait one round.

-animals in traffic: a hedgehog is crossing the road – wait 2 rounds.

-cultural heritage: list 3 traditional objects on any letter of your name in 15 seconds, if you succeed, move 5 places forward, otherwise wait 1 round.

-greenery: the meadow smells so intoxicating that you forget about time – wait 1 round.

-healthy home: no one watered the house plants, move 5 fields back.