Valentine’s hyperhidrosis diary challenge

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we have prepared a 14-day challenge for you – a diary with which you will be able to monitor your hyperhidrosis patterns for 14 days until the end of February. Write down every day how sleep, food, exercise, medications, supplements, various activities affect your sweating and at what hours you sweat ...


A call for proposals – Post-COVID-19 cities that enrich nature

What should post-COVID-19 cities that take nature into account look like? The following call seeks ideas from urban planners, artists, entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers and other planners: Photo: dexmac / Pixabay ...


International Year of Fruits and Vegetables 2021

2021 has been declared the International Year of Fruit and Vegetables, focusing on raising awareness of the health benefits of eating fruit and vegetables, promoting a varied, balanced and healthy diet and lifestyle through fruit and vegetable consumption, reducing losses and waste in food systems and other important topics. We will prepare activities in cooperation ...