Wildlife Artist of the Year 2020

Wildlife artists are invited to apply to The Wildlife Artist of the Year competition by February 10, 2020, organized by The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. You can submit your works in 8 categories: – Animal Behavior – Earth’s Wild Beauty – Facing Extinction – Human Impact (only for young people aged 16 to 22) – ...


International Year of Plant Health

For good air and a good dish we need healthy plants– 2020 is the International Year of Plant Health! Questions such as climate change, the use of pesticides, which can endanger other organisms such as bees, invasion of alien organisms, growing population etc., will need to be answered in the future to ensure the health ...


Quality of Life conferences in 2019

Some of this year’s conferences on the quality of life around the world have already published their programmes and speakers, you are kindly invited to check more details on the links below and to attend them:   1st-2nd February 2019, International Conference on Supportive Care and Quality of Life, Melbourne, Australia   15th-17th March, ...