The Best Summer Footwear for Hyperhidrosis


Plantar hyperhidrosis greatly limits the choice of footwear in the summer. Socks, which we wear in the cold part of the year together with shoes, make it easier for us to walk, but in the summer time we are quite limited in our choices. Rubber flip-flops are not suitable because they do not provide a good grip and are not absorbent, so they cause discomfort when walking and people with plantar hyperhidrosis slip in them. These are also ideal conditions for possible sprains and injuries. In recent years, it is fashionable to wear socks together with flip-flops, but this is certainly not the solution for all occasions, especially in a business environment and elsewhere. We present some solutions and hints that will be useful to you when choosing summer footwear and other accessories.


1. Flip flops and sandals with textile bottom and straps:

One of the best solutions is flip flops made from different textiles such as canvas, cotton, linen, bamboo and hemp.

  • The GumbiesThe Gumbies flip-flops with a canvas bottom provide a good grip and come in many colorful models:

  • El Naturalista

El Naturalista has many vegan models with the insoles made of microfiber or recycled textile:


2. Jute slippers:

You can find flip flops made of jute, which will also provide you with a good grip, through various online stores.

  • The Spanish company Abarca brings creative Spanish style to them:

  • Slightly more expensive are the Shangies jute slippers by the Croatian brand Selectedd:

  • The Danish studio Lovelies also offers many models:


3. Espadrilles:

Espadrilles are traditional footwear dating back many centuries and are still popular today. The upper part is made of cotton or canvas and other materials, and the sole is made of the esparto rope and sometimes rubber. The rope is made from a fiber called esparto, which also gives espadrilles their name. For esparto, manufacturers use two types of plants that grow in southwestern Europe and North Africa. To hide sweat marks, choose darker colors or a colorful print. You can try the following brands:

The only downside might be that regular espadrilles are not ergonomically designed enough, which can be a problem for those who already have a variety of foot problems. In this case, look for the ones that also support the arch of the foot or have a sole designed to fit the foot.


4. Linen, hemp and wool sneakers:

Nowadays, sneakers are suitable for both leisure and business environment, but they can really be a little too hot in very high temperatures. Nevertheless, you can try linen, hemp or wool sneakers, for example:

  • The Wildling Shoes:

  • The Miret:

  • Virblatt:

  • The Rackle Shoes:

  • Bohempia:

  • Risorse Future:

  • The Mukishoes:

  • The 8000kicks, which are also waterproof and sustainable:


5. Business footwear:

Appropriate business summer footwear is especially difficult for people with plantar hyperhidrosis. Closed high heels are definitely out of the question, but ballet flats are more comfortable, which can also be made of textiles and can look elegant at the same time. They can be combined with low-cut / no-show socks that are absorbent.

  • The Vivaia flats:

  • KBZone:

  • Frank Mully:


6. Bamboo socks and insoles:

Some footwear can be supplemented with high-quality socks and insoles. Especially bamboo fabric is great as it is sweat-resistant, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and breathable.


7. How to take care of your textile summer footwear?

Since the footwear will absorb a lot of sweat, use two methods to preserve the materials as long as possible:

  • It’s best to have several pairs and then wear them alternately – for example, while one pair is drying, you can use the other the next day. This will also prevent unpleasant odors and other problems associated with soaked footwear.
  • Since some materials may develop odors despite being worn alternately, make sure to wash them in a timely manner. Use gentle organic laundry detergents and wash them by hand. 


We hope that these suggestions will make your summer days easier and that your step will be as light as possible.

Article written by Tina Lazar, July 2022 (updated October 2023).